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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Not so Wordless Monday #4

Welcome back once again to not so wordless monday! 

We had a not so exciting week since R.Bug has been sick going on 2 weeks now. So this week might be a bit skimpy!

July2010_53.jpg picture by rylansmomma10
[I took lots of time to play with my nina]

July2010_55.jpg picture by rylansmomma10July2010_56.jpg picture by rylansmomma10
[I tried my first Popsicle in my mesh feeder to soothe my coughy throat]

July2010_69.jpg picture by rylansmomma10
[excuse the mommy she was working hard on my room]

July2010_76.jpg picture by rylansmomma10
[but we had to take a break so I could pretend to be a gangsta]

July2010_80.jpg picture by rylansmomma10
[we measured me and I am a whole 28 inches tall!]

July2010_83.jpg picture by rylansmomma10
[Like my crazy after the bath hair?]

July2010_93.jpg picture by rylansmomma10
[last but not least mommy made me a new lovey named James!]


How was your week?

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