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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lazyness or new baby syndrome?

Okay so maybe not NEW baby syndrome. He is after all turning 6 months old in 2 days! 
[Wow where has the time gone]

[Myself and R.Bug]

But as a first time mom doing it on my own because my soon to be ex is nowhere to be found it makes it a bit hard to get anything done! 

I feel like the cleaning and laundry never end and that I never get around to sewing. How am I supposed to get this business running smoothly if I never have time to conduct business? 

So I have decided a schedule is in order... I am stealing borrowing :D the calendar board that sits in the kitchen and is never used. 

This may get complicated


Anyone else have any good time saving ideas? or your "trick of the trade"?

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