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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baby Mum Mum Rice Husks Review

babymumumreview.jpg picture by rylansmomma10
I recently purchase Baby Mum Mum Rice Husks vegetable flavor for my son. 
Here is my thoughts...

After hearing so many good things about Baby Mum Mum Rice Husks, from other moms with kids my sons age, I decided that it was a must try!

I have to say I loved them at first. I was a bit concerned at first because I was not sure that r.bug could handle solids like a cookie... But the box says "You can give these to your child as soon as they are ready for solids." Well R.Bug is almost 6 months old and has been eating solid foods since he was 4 months, yes! 

[Update: Their website says, "You may give Baby Mum-Mum rice rusks to your baby as soon as he or she has developed the skill to bite, chew and swallow solid foods."]


So off to our local Wally world we went to purchase some. We got the vegetable flavor because my kiddo is addicted to vegetables! He would rather have sweet potatos or mixed veggies over any kind of fruit! 

These lovely bits of scrumptious come in individually wrapped packages inside a big box. Each package contains two rice husks. 

babymumumreview_1.jpg picture by rylansmomma10

So we opened and we ate! After the first package I was pleasantly surprised and pleased! He could eat it no problem although we did have to break out little surf board shaped cookie in half because a whole one was just too much of a jab the back of our throat risk! 

babymumumreview_3.jpg picture by rylansmomma10
[r.bug enjoying his rice husk on our first try]

They do in fact "melt" pretty quickly so I was not afraid of choking too much either!

However on our second and third time we ate it I decided to wait until he was at least 7 months old to try again... Why? Well he choked. We opened a new individually wrapped package and he ate... All of the sudden he started gagging apparently it was not "melting" fast enough and he was eating a bit too fast and of course being a baby with very little teeth he was not chewing well. This happened twice and I had to sweep the bite out of his throat with a finger. 

Needless to say traumatic for mommy but baby took it all in stride ! 

Final Thoughts....

I would say I give these 3 rattles out of 5

They are good, affordable, and baby loves them

However I would not do as they say and give as soon as baby is ready for solids. Waiting until he is 7 months old is probably for the best... For my sanity at least! 

Have you ever tried Baby Mum Mum's? How did your baby like them? 


Purple Quilter Queen said...

My son tried them too. Didn't really like them because they didn't have much taste. Gerber teether biscuits were more his speed. Those are good for teething too. Or the arrowroot cookies. Melt in your mouth goodness! Jenn

Aardvark said...

I missed these when my girls (2 & 4) were at that stage but my sister's 7mo old loves them. He has never choked on them but he doesn't seem to eat them very quickly.

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